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Erin McQuarrie
HA Halpert
InYoung Yeo  
Jacqueline Stojanović 
Jamie Boyle  
Jeanne F. Jalandoni
Jennie Maydew  
Julia Walk
Kaitlin Bryson  
Laura Splan    
Lin Qiqing  
Liza Stark
Marlene Herberth
Adam Zucker 
Alex Goldberg 
Alexia Venot  
Amanda Martinez
Cait Jones 
Céline Pelcé  
Cocinas Alterinas  Elisabeth Lorenzi  Emily Small  Emma Akmakdjian 
Maya Minder 
Nicole Yi Messier     
Otto Rummukainen
Petar Sapundjiev
Ping Yu Pan 
Sareh Imani Sherry Muyuan He ​
Stina Baudin 
Victoria Manganiello
Whitney Newton (牛睿 妮)
Will Montgomery
Winnie van der Rijn
Zito Tseng

Erin McQuarrie is a Brooklyn based Scottish textile artist. Her practice finds a marriage between craft and digital techniques, exploring the topics of archival research, sports culture, urban spaces and the physical body. Often utilizing ancient textile techniques, such as weaving and stitching, she contemplates how they can be revived and combined with new technologies to continue a dialogue with the past.

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