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You can purchase a copy of “You Stir the Pot” from Snake Hair

Check out "You Stir the Pot: Recipes for Change" at Head Hi, a bookstore and coffee shop located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. 

Working with local and international artists, designers, publishers, community members and organizations in various fields, Head Hi is a space for exploration and interaction that hosts talks, book launches, art shows, music performances and other events.

"You Stir the Pot: Recipes for Change" is now available at Printed Matter, an artist bookstore located in Chelsea, NYC. 

Founded in 1976, Printed Matter, Inc. is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination, understanding, and appreciation of artists’ books and related publications. Printed Matter works to distribute and promote artists’ books to bring increased visibility and appreciation to the field. The range of publications stocked at the shop is a testament to our broad and all-inclusive understanding of the medium.


Now, you grab your copy of "You Stir the Pot: Recipes for Change" from Snake Hair.

In order to make collecting this book accessible, we have set up a sliding scale price point. Thank you for supporting this project! 


You can find a copy of "You Stir the Pot: Recipes for Change" along with some amazing 'zines and social practice art projects at the "(Urban) Zine Garden" project on May 13th from 12-3pm at 34 Stuyvesant St, New York, NY.

The Zine garden idea is inspired by the brilliant work of artist educator activist Jenn White Johnson.

Image: Civic Art Lab 2022

Learn more about You Stir the Pot in Garland Mag's 30th issue inspired by slow eating and drinking. 

Image: Dia de Feira tableware by Nina Coimbre 

Artfully Learning Blog

Thank you to the “Artfully Learning” project for including You Stir the Pot in the essay “Artful Recipes for Feeding the Mind, Body, and Spirit.” By Adam Zucker.


Thoughtful observations about how recipes can serve STEAM and history and social studies curriculums have really inspired us! And, Adam, a contributor to our collection, shares his own experience writing his recipe “Latkes for Liberation.”


Read the full article here

Image: Adam Zucker

Volumes 2022: Zentralwäscherei

Zurich, Switzerland

November 2022


Dumpling Making Skill Swap
Make It Mend It with Whitney Newton

Manhattan, New York

March 2022


Cooking Show and Soup Dinner

Manhattan, New York

November 2021


Civic Art Lab - Recipe Writing Workshop

Manhattan, New York

November 2021


Hot Pot Goods - Lotus Printing Dye Workshop

Register here.


Date: Sept 24th for 1 hour slots (2 -3 pm, 3:30 - 4:30pm, and 5 - 6pm)

Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn (Exact location to be emailed upon registration)

Please bring a thrifted item made out of natural materials (cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc). These will be block printed, with natural dyes, using lotus roots!

You are welcome to donate your dyed/block printed piece. The donated items will be sold through a developing project called Hot Pot Goods (@hotpotgoods). 100% of the proceeds from Hot Pot Goods, including the pieces from this workshop, will be donated to Send Chinatown Love, an organization that provides relief efforts to small businesses in Chinatown that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Other Hot Pot Goods garments will be on display and available for purchase!

At the end of the event, visitors will be given a lotus recipe, a list of Chinatown grocery stores where they can find the ingredients, and restaurants that serve lotus dishes!

Hot Pot Goods is a newly developed project created by Whitney Newton and Ling Ling Huang. Its mission is to support Chinatown using sustainable practices. Thrifted pieces are naturally dyed, inspired by our favorite Asian dishes such as tea eggs, fried rice, and tomato and egg stir fry. Commissions are also welcome -- provide us with a garment, and you can choose between an existing dye motif or a new dish!

Hot Pot Goods Logo.png

Pop-Up Project Space

Dumbo, Brooklyn

September 2021

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