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You can purchase a copy of “You Stir the Pot” from Snake Hair


You Stir the Pot: Recipes for Change is an anthology of recipes written by artists around the world. Each combines instructions for creating food with instructions for creating social change that pull from the authors’ personal and cultural stories. Processes like fermentation, marinating, boiling, chopping, blending, etc. inspire us to think about social and collective actions like organizing, protesting, educating, attending, listening, sharing and donating. 


To stir the pot is an English idiom that means to make trouble or provoke agitation. Our society’s systems that serve few at the expense of so many would prefer that we stay quiet and siloed but here, we ask You, Stir the pot! 


This is an ongoing project made possible by the artists that occupy these (web)pages. It is inspired by a long history across locations of organizing and agitating taking place in the kitchen and at the dinner table. There are countless examples of covert communication and exchange having taken place in the pages of cookbooks and it is often the domestic, feminine spaces that go unnoticed for their radical, mutual and strategic approach to social change. 

You can contribute your own recipe to this growing project here.  

You can support this project, by supporting those artists directly. Please also consider supporting your local mutual aid group. We will be posting about additional organizations we support here, soon. 

“You Stir the Pot: Recipes for Change” has received in-kind and community support from:


National Taiwan Craft Research Institute  (Taipei, Taiwan)

AIR Gallery (Brooklyn, New York)

Civic Art Lab (Manhattan, New York)

Chinatown Soup (Manhattan, New York)

Hackteria (Zurich, Switzerland)

TaDA (St.Gallen, Switzerland)

Volumes (Zurich, Switzerland)

Snake Hair (Boston, Massachusetts)

Project initiated by Victoria Manganiello

Graphic and web design by Carolina Arévalo Karl

Book title borrowed from Amanda Martínez

This website is still in progress.

With any questions please contact:[at] 

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